Pissouri Residents Association Welcomes You.




Pissouri Council Tourism Committee would like to invite you to participate into a Map drawing competition for our Village.

Use your imagination, painting skills, design skills, technology skills to produce a map that will include all of the following: Churches/Chapels, View Points, Pissouri Bay, Pissouri Square, Monuments, Cemeteries , Police Station, Medical Centers, Football Pitch, Pharmacy, Old school, New School, Amphitheater, Multicultural Center, Dog Beach, Water Tanks, Cape aspro Cliffs, Bus Stops, Post Office, ATM Points, Council Office, Main streets, CYTA Tower, Public Toilets and Showers (Bay and Village), Post Boxes (Bay and Village) Parking areas, Petrol Stations. Please use signs where applicable to make your designs as clear as possible eg. Parking and petrol stations, medical centers and toilets.

The Competition is running from tonight until 1400 hours of 28/02/2017. Submit your designs printed in the special box provided in the Council office. Keep a copy of your map and just put your name and contact number on the Map you hand in. The winner of the competition will receive a 2 day ALL INCLUSIVE Accommodation at Atlantica Golden Beach in Paphos.

A sample map we believe it might be helpful we attach above

Recent poisonings.

Following the recent increase in poisonings, I've decided to try to coordinate information about this in order to help everybody keep their pets safe.

Please share and like our page, it may one day help save the life of your pet.
It is a new project and needs help with information.

The website is also live now, it contains quite graphic pictures on the main page, so if you don't like to see them please click the top or bottom website link below.

It's not a spammy idea or anything it's purely to help save pets lives, so it won't be littered with adverts.

Please check the links and help us to help you.
Many thanks 
Rick Kendall.






Our new Village Optician-Optometrist


Apostolou Andrea 34, 4607 Pissouri

Mob: 99 309 111, 99 462 014, Tel: 25 212121

(10% discount to PRA Members)